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Comprehensive skills training and development programs suited for every team in your organization from sales, service and parts departments to BDC agents and managers.


Multi-channel lead conversion training programs tailored to meet your goals and business needs. Programs cover all lead channels, including phone, live chat, text messaging and email.


A customer-centric focus that encourages active listening skills to identify the specific needs of your customers, personalize every interaction, and create seamless hand-offs between employees, departments and sales channels.

How does Multi-Channel Sales Training Work?

Our team relies on two primary training methodologies for your success:

Total Training Support

Dedicated Performance Manager to provide valuable insights, reinforce key concepts, and analyze live interactions

Weekly one-on-one role plays

Monthly meetings to drive performance

Pre- and post-training inspection to validate improvement and reinforce skills

Spaced Repetition Model

This approach focuses on consistent drip-feeding of skills, feedback, and best practices week after week in small but high-impact doses. Enrollees practice skills and concepts at weekly intervals in role plays that mirror common, real-life customer scenarios. Each week, core concepts are instilled, and role plays become a little more challenging, resulting in long-term, permanent behavior change in adult learners.

How Spaced Repetition Makes a Lasting Impact

We’ve all heard the saying, “If you don’t use it, you lose it.” What most people don’t realize is just how quickly that happens. When illustrated, the drastic drop of the forgetting curve shows the amount of information lost over a surprisingly short amount of time. It is now known that people will typically forget around 80% of what they’ve learned within a week if it isn’t revisited.


A training program that relies on 2-3 day seminars, eLearnings and other similar approaches can be effective at providing energy boosts to your team and communicating best practices. However, research indicates that they are less likely to result in long-term, permanent behavior change.


This is why Applied Concepts embraces the Spaced Repetition Training approach. At each point where the subject is revisited, the memory of the learner is “boosted” back up to 100%, thereby resetting the curve.

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