More Applied Concepts’ Client Testimonials

“Power Phone-Ups® prepares you to always have the proper answer and either gets you the appointment or at least a point of contact.” – Chrysler Jeep Dodge Sales Consultant

“This training has made me stronger on the phone and it helps me build rapport with customers. I sold two bikes over the phone!” – Harley-Davidson Sales Consultant

“I wasn’t hitting my monthly goals before I started Power Phone-Ups® training.  After a few weeks I started meeting my goals and now I am exceeding them!” – Ford Internet Sales Manager

“I get more people through the door and I can handle different situations.  The training is useful for everyone.” – Toyota Parts Consultant

“The training has helped me to solidify appointments or get at least a return call.  I’ve gone from setting 1 to 2 appointments a day to 7 to 10 a day!” – Service Advisor, Ford Dealership

“My team is sounding more professional and is setting more appointments.  Because the training is repetitive, it’s really starting to sink into their brain.” – Sales Manager, Kia Dealership

“I get 5 to 6 extra deals a month from better phone skills. I use what I’ve learned in customer text messages too.  It works!” – Sales Consultant, Dodge Dealership

“I have better communication skills and more confidence.  It has absolutely helped me get people through the door. ” – Service Advisor, Chevy Dealership