Mystery Shopping

Are you delivering an elite experience?

Applied Concepts offers both single and multi-channel mystery shopping options to fit your business needs, using highly trained and experienced shoppers and realistic buying scenarios. Let our experienced shoppers run shop of your store and find out:

Is your staff professional and positive?

Do they follow through on committments?

Are you providing a positive customer experience?

Do they represent your brand well?

Inspect What You Expect

Run inquiries into your store to drive accountability and monitor effectiveness.

Live chat Customer asks: Do you have any incentives right now?

Text Message Rep sends requested pictures of vehicle discussed on live chat

Email 2x follow-up emails from store

Phone call Shopper calls rep to learn more about vehicle

Elite experiences drive elite results

Call Grading

Don’t assume, know. The Applied Concepts team will help you quantify phone handling effectiveness with real calls graded by real people, and set benchmarks to help identify where to allocate resources.

Call Analytics

Gain deep insights into your store’s phone handling practices to drive meaningful performance gains. Quantify effectiveness, lost opportunities and identify failure points and causes using department specific scoring criteria.

Tool and Process Audits

Through a collaborative and consultative relationship, our trained specialists will review your internal tools and processes, including email templates, phone IVR trees and live chat integrations.