What dealership doesn’t want higher CSI, more appointments and increased sales? We recently visited with Serra Toyota and Mazda in Birmingham, AL and asked them how the Power Phone-Ups for Sales training program is going so far for their 3 dealerships.

Owner, Steve Serra, is always looking for new ways to improve sales and customer satisfaction at his dealerships. “Applied Concepts does what no other training can do,” says Steve. “They are on the cutting edge of sales training in the automotive field.”

The Toyota and Mazda dealerships tell us they have already seen a marked increase in floor traffic, which has lead to more sales. Also, the sales teams have commented how confident they feel on the phone which has lead to more success.

The Serra Toyota and Mazda stores not only have their sales team participating in Phone-Ups training, but the Sales Managers too. “By having the Sales Managers go through the training, it creates buy-in among our team and it allows our managers to be better leaders, not having to worry about what the sales person is saying to a customer,” says Steve.  He adds that it also enables managers to do more of their job effectively.

We are proud of your improvements and successes so far Serra Toyota/Mazda.  Keep up the training and the great work!