After deciding that their group of Lexus, Toyota and Nissan dealerships needed phone skills training, Todd Ledet, General Manager at Price LeBlanc Lexus of Baton Rogue, signed up his sales department with Applied Concepts, Inc.  The other three stores decided to use different phone skills companies to compare results.

For nearly 2 years, each store trained.  Johnny DeArmond, General Manager of Price Leblanc Toyota, Jon Goodart, Operations Manager,  and other managers tracked results of appointments, show-ups and sales.  What they found was that the Lexus store with the Applied Concepts training, had the highest percentage of phone-ups that converted into show-ups.

With these great results and increased sales, Price LeBlanc began to incorporate the Applied Concepts sales training and coaching into the other Lexus store, and the Toyota and Nissan store.  But they didn’t stop there!  They rolled out the phone skills training and coaching programs to the Parts and Service departments too!

Watch the video below to hear for yourself how the Applied Concepts Phone Skills training and coaching impacted this auto group!  Then, if you’re not currently a customer,  let Applied Concepts evaluate the current level of your team’s phone skills by allowing us to complete a series of 3 mystery shopping calls into your sales, service or parts department without cost or obligation.  Click here to get started so that your dealership can experience more appointments, greater floor traffic and increased sales like Price LeBlanc and our other satisfied customers.

What dealership doesn’t want higher CSI, more appointments and increased sales? We recently visited with Serra Toyota and Mazda in Birmingham, AL and asked them how the Power Phone-Ups for Sales training program is going so far for their 3 dealerships.

Owner, Steve Serra, is always looking for new ways to improve sales and customer satisfaction at his dealerships. “Applied Concepts does what no other training can do,” says Steve. “They are on the cutting edge of sales training in the automotive field.”

The Toyota and Mazda dealerships tell us they have already seen a marked increase in floor traffic, which has lead to more sales. Also, the sales teams have commented how confident they feel on the phone which has lead to more success.

The Serra Toyota and Mazda stores not only have their sales team participating in Phone-Ups training, but the Sales Managers too. “By having the Sales Managers go through the training, it creates buy-in among our team and it allows our managers to be better leaders, not having to worry about what the sales person is saying to a customer,” says Steve.  He adds that it also enables managers to do more of their job effectively.

We are proud of your improvements and successes so far Serra Toyota/Mazda.  Keep up the training and the great work!

Applied Concepts’ customer Penske Florida Service BDC ranked 1st in their region for Mystery Shops two months in a row!  The BDC accepts service calls for 5 dealerships and has 10 Customer Service Reps. Each store is mystery shopped twice monthly by the manufacturer and in August all 5 stores received 10s – a perfect score!  Being ranked first is an accomplishment for any dealership, but the fact that they did it twice in a row and that they are a newly established BDC, makes it even more significant.

Call Center Manager, Jennifer Clarke, attributes the success to the CSRs being confident, able to ask for and set appointments and able to answer general inquiries over the phone.  She says her reps are able to handle everything from scheduling a simple oil change, to getting a customer with a complex service issue through the door for a diagnostic appointment.  The Reps are even prepared to sell tires over the phone!  All are enrolled in Applied Concepts’ Power Phone-Ups for Service training program and train weekly.

Great work Penske Florida Service BDC!  Applied Concepts is proud to be part of your success!

Recently, Applied Concept’s customer, Central Florida Toyota Scion’s Service Manager, Ryan Smith shared his dealership’s success in a video after his service team began phone skills training with us.

The Orlando dealership is part of the Southeast Toyota group and was part of the original Driving Tires Sales Program, a pilot program focusing on increasing dealership tire sales we told you about in February.  While the pilot program focused on selling tires, Central Florida Toyota-Scion decided they wanted to expand their training to cover all service calls.

In the video, Ryan talks about the remarkable difference phone skills training has made for his Service Department, including the increase of service appointments.