Applied Concepts’ customer Penske Florida Service BDC ranked 1st in their region for Mystery Shops two months in a row!  The BDC accepts service calls for 5 dealerships and has 10 Customer Service Reps. Each store is mystery shopped twice monthly by the manufacturer and in August all 5 stores received 10s – a perfect score!  Being ranked first is an accomplishment for any dealership, but the fact that they did it twice in a row and that they are a newly established BDC, makes it even more significant.

Call Center Manager, Jennifer Clarke, attributes the success to the CSRs being confident, able to ask for and set appointments and able to answer general inquiries over the phone.  She says her reps are able to handle everything from scheduling a simple oil change, to getting a customer with a complex service issue through the door for a diagnostic appointment.  The Reps are even prepared to sell tires over the phone!  All are enrolled in Applied Concepts’ Power Phone-Ups for Service training program and train weekly.

Great work Penske Florida Service BDC!  Applied Concepts is proud to be part of your success!