Variable Operations Training

Are your Consultants setting every possible appointment? Opportunity in today’s marketplace clicks then calls and the phones are more important to sales than ever. After the Internet, half of your floor traffic first makes contact with a phone call and phone-ups that show up, close at twice the rate of regular walk-ups. Don’t let prospects cross you off their list because your consultants lack phone skills!

Fixed Operations Training

Each time the phone rings it's an opportunity calling. Too often, Service and Parts Advisors lack a game plan for answering questions, handling objections, and setting the appointment. Power Phone-Ups® for Fixed Ops gives your team the knowledge and the know-how to bring more self-pay ROs through the door and get more parts out the door. Don't let the ineffective handling of Fixed Ops calls cost you money!

Discover why over 8,500 dealership executives have put our proven success strategies for automotive phone skills training to work!

The Applied Concepts’ Performance Improvement Process

In today's marketplace, customers combine dealership internet shopping and phone inquiries to decide which stores they’ll personally visit. This means your sales, service or parts visitor traffic will be measurably impacted by your teams’ ability to set appointments.

Your team will improve their appointment setting abilities using our skill development approach. Your people will learn a call handling game plan, and then internalize it using routine coaching role-play & practice and periodic accountability inspection.

A high level of phone effectiveness can no longer build a local marketplace competitive edge. Today, a high level of phone effectiveness is critical for just staying competitive.

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