Empowering dealerships to effectively convert leads across all sales channels including live chat, text, email and phone.


Measuring the effectiveness of every interaction through multi-channel mystery shopping, process audits, and analytics.


Providing actionable tools and resources to drive meaningful performance improvements across your organization.

A formula for success

The Applied Concepts’ Performance Improvement Process

Consumers are more educated and tech-savvy than ever before. They expect a shopping experience that fits their lifestyle and meets their buying needs. Engaging with consumers seamlessly across multiple platforms is integral to gaining their trust and ultimately closing the deal.

Your team will learn to navigate a consumer through their buying journey using a combination of tried and true techniques across multiple sales channels. We will work with your dealership to develop a training program that aligns with and promotes effective lead conversion.

Sales effectiveness across all selling channels increases consumer satisfaction, resulting in an overall increase in lead conversion.

Driving elite performance

Discover why over 8,500 dealership executives have put our
proven success strategies for automotive phone skills training to work!